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Jacksonville Mortgage Loan Modification Attorney

The Law Office of Garrett J. Strahl is experienced in all aspects of Jacksonville Mortgage Loan Modifications. We aggressively represent many clients who need mortgage modifications. We have been able to successfully procure various types of mortgage modifications for our clients including, but not limited to:

  • Lowering the monthly payments
  • Reducing or modifying the interest rate
  • Extending the term of the loan
  • Deferring delinquent money payments onto the end of loan

Jacksonville Mortgage Modification Attorney Garrett Strahl conducts a comprehensive preliminary consultation with you, during this and all stages of the mortgage modification process we will continually demonstrate our clients case is worthy of modification to lenders. Furthermore Mr. Strahl and his experienced staff will work with clients on gathering financial documentation so that the most compelling case for modification is presented to the lender for determination. Our Jacksonville Loan Modification Firm negotiates with all negotiable lenders and strives to obtain the best possible modification for our clients. The process usually takes between 90-120 days to complete minimum.

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In addition to mortgage modifications, other negotiated solutions are repayment plans which spread out the past-due amounts over a specified period of time, and forbearance arrangements where lenders agree to reduce monthly payments for a short period of time during a temporary financial hardship. We have also facilitated Jacksonville short sale transactions for clients looking to sell their property. An important part of our approach to mortgage modifications is our ability to vigorously defend a foreclosure action on behalf of our clients while simultaneously seeking a loan modification or short sale approval. This component is extremely important as merely pursing a short sale or loan modification without defending a foreclosure that has been filed could leave a borrower in a compromising predicament.

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Jacksonville is one the top cites affected by the current mortgage crisis.  By working with a Jacksonville mortgage modification attorney, we can work to negotiate with the mortgage company to create an affordable payment.  Lawyers understand what tactics work in negotiating with the mortgage company and how to reach an agreement that suits your budget. With the help of a Jacksonville mortgage loan modification lawyer at our firm, you do not have to lose your home! You can take immediate action and come up with a plan that saves your home. However, you do not have much time. You need to take action before your home actually forecloses and you are left without options.


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